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So, I imagine some of you at least, are wondering where I've been, or what I've been up to.    If you haven't been the least bit curious, perhaps seeing me make this peep of a journal on here, will draw on some sort of curiosity.   I've not been on here, lately, as I've been really busy in dealing with rl issues.

Also, I've been really sick for a while now, and haven't been feeling like getting out of bed.   ^^;

I went from having no jobs and tons of free time, to having 3 jobs, and almost no free time to speak of.    
I've been dealing with a sort of depression that drags me around in the ever-deepening rut that my life has become.
My job quickly became a sort of busywork, just keeping my hands busy while my mind is left to ramble on and do as it pleases, so I often find myself bored.
An old friend of mine, seeing that though I was somewhat successful in finding work, I seemed to work my way into a new kind of depression, decided to push me to make new changes, to find the happiness and curiosity of my youth, when I was able to find excitement in life and living. 

Of these changes, a few notable ones may affect you guys.

I've been watching and checking out more animes and whatnot.  [Fun stuffs~   ^~^]
I've been getting more and more interested in drawing again.  About to go on a Fanart binge.
I've been writing a lot, recently.    Dreams, once written, become stories of length.   I may share a few, eventually.   >:' 3  [maybe]
I've been interested in voice acting, and singing.   I've always thought those two are fun.   >x3
I've been getting into photography.   I love being behind a camera, and I somewhat enjoy being in front of one, sometimes.    ^^;
I've been playing piano a lot, recently.    I like learning and playing music.   [I may be able to find a way to share that as well....   maybe...]
I've decided that being all antisocial and lonesome is really starting to make life feel a bit too empty.   I'll hopefully be talking to folks a bit more.

ALSO...     This November 1st, I will be Leaving the Country.  I will leave the states, and I will go to Tokyo, Japan.   This has to do with that youthful curiosity about the world, and the desire to see and experience new things, people, places, and ways of life.  I will be taking plenty of photography, and if anyone is interested, curious, or wants to talk about it, I will be happy to chat.

I'm also learning to read, write, and speak Japanese.    I have only recently started, so I am quite new.   I need to bring myself to practice more.   -_-   I may need some help with this.   ^^;
  • Mood: Alienated
  • Listening to: many musics.
  • Reading: manga and a few novels.
  • Watching: many new animes
  • Playing: World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.
  • Eating: way too much junk food.
  • Drinking: plenty of water.


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United States
Name- Zeke

Other known names- Tenebrae, Ezekial, Z, Tenebrus nox, Vesper, Zero, and sir.
Preferred names- Zeke, Zero

Nice to meet you.

I am new to Deviantart, an artist, writer, poet, and photographer.

Thank you for having me.

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